850 Morcem Dry SF 5 Kg Blanco

850 Morcem Dry SF 5 Kg Blanco

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Waterproofing two component mortar. Semi Flexible.

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High-strength white cement-based product with selected aggregates, special additives and resins.

Features and applications

For waterproofing:

  • Small surfaces up to 5-6 m², exposed to negative pressure (up to 1 bar); such as baths, showers, small fountains and wet environments, before tiling.
  • Stable substrates.
  • Semiflexible mortar compared to traditional mortars.
  • Interior use.
  • Waterproof.
  • Easy to apply.


  • Concretes, prefabricated blocks of smooth concrete and renders rich in cement.
  • Substrates must be strong, stable, sound and clean, free of dust, residues of mold release agents, organic products, etc.
  • If it is hot or windy or if the substrate is very absorbent, it is best to wet the substrate and wait for the film of water to disappear.
  • Substrates that are not subject to big movements.

Instructions for use

  • Add between 1 and 1.1 litres of water and mix manually or mechanically until the consistency is homogenous and workable.
  • With the substrate damp, apply a first thick coat of the product with a flat brush.
  • Leave it to dry for about 2 to 4 hours.
  • Apply a second coat with the flat brush in the same way.
  • It can be finished by smoothing with a trowel or a sponge trowel according to the texture wanted.
  • Morcem DRY SF should be applied as evenly as possible, to prevent excess material causing cracks in it.
  • Wait at least 4 days before filling with water.

Cautions and recommendations

  • Do not apply at temperatures below +5ºC or above +30ºC.
  • Preferably apply on the positive side, i.e., the one which receives the water pressure.
  • If applied on the negative side, there is a risk of it coming away if the water pressure is greater than the adhesion of the material.
  • Do not apply where there is risk of frost, rains, strong winds or direct sun.
  • To ensure waterproofing, the minimum thickness should be 2 mm.
  • In areas where there may be movement like cracks because of retraction of the substrate or critical points of the element to be waterproofed, it is recommended that the covering is reinforced between the two coats with a strip of fine grid mesh, MORCEMDRY MESH [MORCEMDRY MALLA], which should be laid as carefully as possible, avoiding pockets or folds in the mesh. The fiberglass meshes should be bonded with an overlap of a minimum width of 5 cm.
  • For wall-wall, wall-floor, wall-ceiling bonding, the application of 5 x 5 cm of Morcemrest RF 15 or Morcemrest RF 35 in the form of beading is recommended.
  • Consult the Technical Department for any application not specified in this Technical Datasheet.

Extra informatie

Weight 5 kg

WHITE powder

Density of mixed product

1.9 ± 0.1 g/cm3

Positive pressure resistance (1 layer of 2mm)

Up to 1 bar.

Positive pressure resistance (2 layer of 2mm)

Up to 3 bar.

Negative pressure resistance

Up to 1 bar.

Flexural strenght at 28 days

> 8 Mpa

Resistence to compression

> 40 Mpa

Approximate yield

4kg/m2 per 2 mm of thickness


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