249 Tegellijm Pegoland® Gris CE 25kg (Grijs) Productiedatum: 19-01-2018


249 Tegellijm Pegoland® Gris CE 25kg (Grijs) Productiedatum: 19-01-2018

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Tile adhesive special for its fineness, plasticity and thixotropy for indoor floor tiling and cladding jobs. Suitable for bonding ceramic tiles with a medium-high adsorption rate.

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Product based on high resistance cement, selected aggregates and additives which contribute to good workability and excellent bonding.


Features and applications

  • To be applied indoors.
  • Suitable for ceramic tiles with a medium-high absorption rate.
  • No need to wet tiles or substrates thanks to its high water-retaining capacity.
  • Non slip. Excellent initial adherence.
  • Long open time. Allows rectification.
  • Great fineness and plasticity.


  • Conventional cement-based substrates.
  • Substrates must be resistant, stable, sound and clean, free of dust, demolding agents, organic products, etc.
  • All substrates must have the appropriate flatness. Otherwise, smooth down up to 5 mm with the same product 48 hours prior to bonding.
  • In case of greater thickness should be used:
    • On floors: Depending on the particular need use 10R NIVELAND 10 R or PAVILAND RECRECIDO AUTONIVELANTE.
    • On walls: mortars with adequate tensile strength with drying shrinkage already completed.
  • In case of hot or windy weather conditions or when applying over absorbent substrates, it is advisable to wet the substrate and wait till the thin layer of water disappears.
  • Do not apply on clay or on paint

Instructions for use

  • Add water and mix by hand or mechanically until it takes on an even and workable consistency.
  • Let the mixture stand for 5 minutes and remix.
  • Spread the mixed product on the substrate with a trowel to a maximum surface area of 2m2.
  • Spread with a notched trowel to adjust thickness (see chart).
  • Lay the tiles, press and make small rotation movements to ensure that the glue gets in total contact with both surfaces.
  • Observe construction joints (expansion, contraction, fraction, perimeter corner joints) and the joints between the cement slabs (minimum of 2 mm inside and 5 mm outside).
  • Joints should be grouted 24 hours after if on vertical surfaces, and 48 hours after if on floorings. Use the appropriate mortar from the MORCEMCOLOR range depending on the type of joint.

NOTE: For better results lay tiles as soon as possible after spreading.

Extra informatie


WHITE or GREY powder

Adjustment time

Approx. 20 min. (depending on weather conditions)

Paste shelf life

Approx. 2 hours (depending on weather conditions)

Initial tensile adhesion strenght

> 0.5 N/mm²

Tensile adhesion strenght after water inmenrsion

> 0.5 N/mm²

Tensile adhesion strenght after heat ageing


Tensile adhesion strenght after freeze-thaw cycles


Approximate yield



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